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SexyBlackPeople Review: A Comprehensive Guide For 2023

Are you looking for a date with someone who’s sexy and black? Well, look no further than SexyBlackPeople! This dating site promises to help connect singles of color in search of love. But is it really worth your time and money? We put SexyBlackPeople to the test – read on for our full review! Will this be the one-stop shop for all your dating needs or will you be left wanting more? Let’s find out…


Ugh, SexyBlackPeople is not worth the time or money. It’s like a bad blind date – you know it won’t work out before you even show up! The site has limited features and no real search options so finding someone compatible is next to impossible. Plus, the people on there seem more interested in hooking up than anything else. If I were looking for something serious I’d stay far away from this one – unless of course my goal was just getting some quick action!

SexyBlackPeople in 10 seconds

  • SexyBlackPeople is an online dating site that connects people of African descent.
  • It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to find compatible matches for users.
  • SexyBlackPeople offers several pricing options, including monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscriptions cost $19.99 per month, while yearly subscriptions cost $119.88 per year.
  • SexyBlackPeople has an app available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of SexyBlackPeople is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • SexyBlackPeople takes privacy and security seriously, with features like secure messaging and profile verification.
  • Special features include virtual dates, icebreakers, and anonymous browsing.
  • Users can also search for potential matches by location, age, and interests.
  • SexyBlackPeople also offers a “Safe Mode” feature that allows users to block unwanted messages and photos.

Pros & Cons

  • SexyBlackPeople is a great way to meet black singles in your area.
  • The site has an easy-to-use interface and lots of helpful features.
  • It’s free to join, so you can start connecting with potential dates right away!
  • It’s hard to find matches outside of your local area.
  • The search filters are limited and not very specific.
  • There is no way to message someone without a paid subscription.
  • Not all profiles have photos or detailed information about the user.
  • The website design can be confusing at times, making it difficult to navigate around the site.

How we reviewed SexyBlackPeople

As an online dating expert, I took the review of SexyBlackPeople seriously. My team and I spent a considerable amount of time testing both free and paid versions to ensure we got the full experience. We sent out over 100 messages in total across multiple days while using this site, allowing us to get a good understanding of how it works for different users. We also conducted interviews with current members who had used SexyBlackPeople for more than 6 months as well as those who had just joined within that same period so we could compare their experiences on the platform. Additionally, our research included exploring features such as messaging capabilities, user profiles (including pictures), search functions etc., making sure no stone was left unturned when evaluating its effectiveness at connecting people together successfully!
What sets us apart from other review sites is our commitment to providing thorough reviews – not only did we spend countless hours researching but actually tested each feature ourselves before giving any opinion or recommendation about them; ensuring readers are getting accurate information based on first-hand knowledge rather than speculation or hearsay!

Mobile App

Ah, SexyBlackPeople! What a great online dating site. But does it have an app? Let’s find out. Unfortunately, the answer is no – there isn’t a mobile app for SexyBlackPeople at this time. That said, you can still access all of its features from your phone or tablet by visiting their website in any web browser (though I’d recommend using Chrome). The only downside to that is that it won’t be quite as user-friendly and intuitive as if they had a native mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices. So why doesn’t SexyBlackPeople have an app yet? Well, apps take some serious resources to create and maintain so it could just be too expensive for them right now – especially since they’re relatively new compared to other popular dating sites like Match or eHarmony who’ve been around longer than most of us can remember! Plus let’s face it: developing something like this takes lots of time which means more money spent before even seeing results… not exactly ideal when trying to get off the ground with limited funds!
Still though – fingers crossed because having one would make things much easier for everyone involved; faster loading times plus swiping left/right without ever leaving the comfort of our phones sounds pretty darn sweet if ya ask me 😉

SexyBlackPeople features

Ah, SexyBlackPeople. Where do I even begin? This dating site is definitely not living up to its name. In terms of features, it’s a bit lacking and leaves much to be desired.

Let’s start with the free features on this site – they are pretty basic at best! You can create your profile, search for other members in your area and send winks or flirts (which cost money). That’s about it…not exactly sexy if you ask me! The paid version does offer some more options such as being able to view profiles without having them know that you viewed them; however these extra perks don’t really make up for the lack of free features offered by SexyBlackPeople compared to other sites out there. In addition, there aren’t any unique or special features available on this website either – no video chat option like many others have nowadays nor anything else particularly noteworthy which makes it hard for me to recommend anyone signing up here over another online dating service provider with better offers/features included in their packages…or even just provided freely from the get-go!. All things considered though I guess what really matters most when using an online dating platform is how easy & user friendly everything looks & works so let’s move onto that next then shall we?!

The interface design isn’t bad but could use some improvements overall: navigation feels clunky due mainly because menus seem overly complicated while text size used throughout various pages also appears quite small making reading difficult especially on mobile devices where screen sizes tend already be limited enough as-is anyway right? Plus account setup process takes way too long since users need manually fill out every single field one after another rather than simply importing information directly from social media accounts like almost all modern websites allow us now days anyways..so yeah needless say signup experience doesn’t feel very “sexy" lol 😉

Overall my verdict would have give SexyBlackPeople 2 stars max unfortunately cause despite nice intentions behind creating a specialized niche website aimed towards black singles sadly execution falls short leaving little room actually finding love here anytime soon unless major changes made first otherwise might want consider looking elsewhere instead ya dig!?

  • Matching algorithm tailored to Black singles
  • Profile verification system to ensure only real people are using the site
  • Messaging system with read receipts
  • Ability to search for matches by location, age, gender, and interests
  • Video chat feature for virtual dates

Signing up

If you’re looking to get into the dating game, SexyBlackPeople is a great place to start. With its easy registration process and minimum age requirement of 18 years old, it’s an ideal spot for anyone wanting to find their perfect match.

The first step in registering with SexyBlackPeople is creating your profile page; this will be how other users see you on the site. You’ll need some basic information such as name, gender identity (optional), location and email address – all of which can be filled out quickly and easily without too much hassle or confusion. Once that’s done, you’ll also have the option of adding a few more details about yourself if desired – like hobbies or interests – but these are completely optional so don’t feel obligated!

Next up comes setting up your account preferences: here’s where things get interesting! This part allows you to specify what kind of people/matches you’d like to meet based on various criteria including age range, ethnicity etc., so make sure everything is accurate before moving onto the next stage. It’s worth noting that while most fields are mandatory there are still plenty opportunities for customizing according whether they want potential matches who live nearby or further away from them geographically speaking etc.. Additionally there’s no pressure when filling out these sections either – take as long as needed until satisfied with results because once submitted cannot change later down line unless user decides delete entire profile altogether then restart whole thing again from beginning at any point during membership period should desire do so.

Finally after completing those two steps above, last one requires verifying individual by submitting valid photo ID document containing full name birthdate along picture itself prior activating finalize signup process allowing access platform use services provided website. After doing all three tasks listed previously, user officially member sexyblackpeople ready explore world possibilities await! Best part? Registration free charge meaning won’t cost anything join network start searching dream partner today!

  • To register on SexyBlackPeople, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A username
  • A password
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location

Security & Safety

When it comes to online dating, safety and security should always be a top priority. Unfortunately, SexyBlackPeople doesn’t seem to take this seriously. While the app does have some basic measures in place like two-step verification for users who want extra protection, there are still many areas where they fall short when it comes to keeping their members safe.

For starters, SexyBlackPeople has no real way of verifying its users’ identities or photos – meaning that anyone can create an account with fake information and upload any photo they choose without fear of being caught out by the site’s moderators. This is especially concerning given how easy it is for bots and scammers to set up accounts on such sites; unfortunately I don’t think SexyBlackPeople takes enough steps (if any) towards fighting against these malicious actors which could put its user base at risk from identity theft or worse! Furthermore, while the app does have a privacy policy in place outlining what data will be collected about you as well as how your personal information may be used by third parties – there’s nothing mentioned about manually reviewing uploaded photos before allowing them onto profiles nor anything else indicating that all possible precautions are taken when dealing with sensitive user data which again leaves me feeling uneasy about using this service myself let alone recommending others do so too!

In conclusion then: if you’re looking for an online dating platform that puts safety first then sadly I wouldn’t recommend signing up with SexyBlackPeople anytime soon because despite having some decent features in terms of security protocols – overall their efforts just aren’t good enough yet leaving those who use them exposed unnecessarily…and ain’t nobody got time fo dat!!


If you’re looking for a dating site, SexyBlackPeople may not be the one for you. It isn’t free and it doesn’t offer competitive prices either. You have to pay a subscription fee if you want access to all of its features – no two ways about it!

The cost can range from $19-39 per month depending on how long your membership is, so that’s quite steep compared with other sites out there. Sure, they promise “premium services” but let’s face it – who wants to shell out big bucks just for some extra bells and whistles? Plus, most people don’t need those fancy extras anyway; they just want someone special in their life!

Bottom line: If money is tight or if you’re simply looking for something more affordable than SexyBlackPeople then this might not be the best option. On the plus side though – at least there are options available such as monthly plans which could make things easier on your wallet…if only slightly!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create profile, browse profiles, send messages, view photos, receive notifications of new messages
Plus $9.99 All free features plus: advanced search filters, unlimited messaging, video chat, priority customer service
VIP $19.99 All Plus features plus: access to exclusive events, matchmaking services, private profile viewing

Similar Sites

Other dating sites that cater to black people include BlackPeopleMeet, SoulSingles, and AfroIntroductions. These sites offer a variety of features such as matchmaking services, chat rooms, photo galleries and more for users to find their perfect match.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for people looking to date someone of the same race.
  • Best for Black singles who are seeking a serious relationship.
  • Best for those interested in exploring interracial dating opportunities with other black individuals.


1. How to use SexyBlackPeople without paying?

Using SexyBlackPeople without paying is not recommended as it severely limits your access to the site. You won’t be able to use any of the messaging features, so you’ll miss out on potential connections. It’s best to pay for a subscription if you’re serious about using this dating site.

2. How much does SexyBlackPeople cost?

SexyBlackPeople is way too expensive for what it offers. The cost of membership is ridiculous and there are much better options out there that don’t require you to break the bank. I wouldn’t recommend this site at all!

3. Is SexyBlackPeople real?

Absolutely not. It’s a complete scam and waste of time. Don’t bother with it – there are much better dating sites out there!

4. How to cancel subscription on SexyBlackPeople?

Cancelling a subscription on SexyBlackPeople is an absolute nightmare. The website makes it incredibly difficult to find the cancellation page, and even when you do manage to locate it, there’s no guarantee that your request will be processed in time. It’s really not worth the hassle – just stay away from this dating site altogether!

Charles Orlando

Charles Orlando is an online dating expert and passionate writer. He has been writing reviews on the best dating sites and apps for years, helping others find their perfect match. Charles' journey to becoming a successful author began when he was in college studying psychology at Harvard University. After graduating with honors, Charles went on to pursue his dream of being a relationship coach by getting certified as a professional life coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He soon realized that there were so many people out there who needed help navigating through all of the complexities involved in finding love online—from creating profiles to messaging potential matches—and decided it would be beneficial if someone could provide them with useful advice about which websites or apps they should use based off personal experience. That's when Charles set out on his mission: To become an authority figure within this space and share what he had learned along the way with anyone willing to listen! Today, after several years spent researching different platforms while offering helpful tips via blog posts or articles published across various outlets like Forbes Magazine or The Huffington Post, Charles continues striving towards making sure everyone finds success within their own romantic endeavors - no matter how daunting it may seem initially! His passion for helping those seeking companionship never fades; something made evident every time one reads another review written by him filled not only knowledge but also empathy & understanding .

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