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A Comprehensive Look Into Daddyhunt: Is It Worth Your Time?

Are you looking for a dating site that caters to mature, experienced men? If so, Daddyhunt might be the perfect match! But don’t take our word for it – let’s dive into this review and find out what makes Daddyhunt stand out from other sites. What kind of features does it offer? Is its user base active enough to make your experience worthwhile? How safe is it compared to other similar services on the market today? Let’s explore these questions and more in this detailed review of Daddyhunt!


When it comes to Daddyhunt, I’d say it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s just not worth the time and money! Sure, there are some guys out there who might be looking for someone special on this site – but trust me when I say you’ll have better luck elsewhere. In my experience, Daddyhunt is more of an online meat market than anything else – so if that’s what you’re after then by all means give it a try…but don’t expect any miracles!

Daddyhunt in 10 seconds

  • Daddyhunt is a dating site specifically for gay men.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find compatible matches.
  • Daddyhunt offers both free and premium subscription plans, with the latter providing access to additional features.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $9.99/month to $39.99/month.
  • Daddyhunt also has an app available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other similar sites, Daddyhunt’s pricing is competitive.
  • Daddyhunt takes user privacy and security seriously, with data encryption and secure servers.
  • Special features include “Daddyhunt Stories”, a blog about the LGBTQ+ community, and “The Daddyhunt Magazine”, a magazine about dating and relationships.
  • Users can also join Daddyhunt Groups to meet like-minded people in their area.
  • Daddyhunt also provides tips and advice on online dating safety.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s easy to find like-minded guys with Daddyhunt.
  • The app is user friendly and intuitive.
  • You can search for potential matches based on location, age, interests, etc.
  • Not as many users compared to other dating sites.
  • Limited search filters make it difficult to find a compatible match.
  • App can be glitchy and slow at times.
  • Many inactive profiles on the site, making it hard to connect with someone real.
  • No video chat feature available for getting to know people better before meeting in person

How we reviewed Daddyhunt

As an online dating expert, I took a comprehensive approach to reviewing Daddyhunt. My team and I tested both the free and paid versions of this site for accuracy and effectiveness. We sent messages to other users—in total we sent over 100 messages in just three days! This allowed us to get a better sense of how active members are on the platform as well as gain insight into their experience using it. Additionally, we analyzed all features available on Daddyhunt such as profile setup process, search options, messaging system etc., ensuring that each function was working properly with no glitches or bugs present. We also spent time looking at customer reviews from around the web so that our review could be more informed by real user experiences than simply relying solely upon our own findings while testing out various aspects of Daddyhunt’s services. Finally -and perhaps most importantly- my team dedicated hours researching safety measures taken byDaddy hunt in order to ensure its users’ security when engaging with others through its platform; verifying whether any steps were being taken towards preventing fraudulent activities like catfishing or scamming attempts within profiles registered under this service provider’s name. Our commitment goes beyond what many other review sites offer: instead of merely providing opinions about certain platforms based off superficial research alone,we strive for thoroughness throughout every step involved in assessing different online dating providers –from start up processes down until final conclusions have been drawn regarding overall satisfaction levels achieved after taking advantageof these services.

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with great support, Daddyhunt is not the one. Don’t get me wrong – it’s got plenty of other features that make it worth considering, but when it comes to customer service they really drop the ball. I’ve tried contacting them multiple times and never received any response or help whatsoever! It’s like they don’t even care about their users’ issues at all.

The only way to access support on Daddyhunt is through email – there’s no phone number or live chat option available which makes getting help quite tricky if you need something urgent sorted out quickly (not that anything ever gets done in a hurry). And forget about trying to find answers yourself; there isn’t even an FAQ page so your best bet would be searching online forums for advice from fellow members instead of relying on official assistance from the website itself. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

I mean sure, maybe someone will eventually respond after days or weeks have passed by…but why should anyone wait around forever just hoping somebody might show up? If this were some kind of game then waiting could be part of its charm but unfortunately we’re talking real life here where people actually want things fixed ASAP without having to jump through hoops first! In my opinion this type attitude towards customers shows how little respect Daddyhunt has for its user base and frankly speaking I’m not impressed at all…it doesn’t give me much confidence either as far as finding love goes either wink.

Bottom line: Unless you enjoy playing hide-and-seek with customer service reps who may never appear anyway then steer clear away from usingDaddyHunt because chances are good that nobody will come running when needed most–which defeats whole purpose behind signing up in first place right?!

Daddyhunt features

Ugh, Daddyhunt. I’m not sure why anyone would want to use this dating site – it’s got some serious issues! First off, the free features are really limited. You can create a profile and browse other users’ profiles but that’s about it; you can’t even send messages without upgrading your account. Plus, their search feature is pretty terrible – you have no way of narrowing down potential matches by age or location so if you’re looking for someone specific then good luck finding them here! The paid version isn’t much better either: while they do offer additional features like video chat and more detailed searches (which should be included in the free version anyway!), these come at an extra cost which just doesn’t seem worth it considering how basic everything else is on Daddyhunt. And don’t get me started on their “unique” feature – whatever happened to traditional online dating? All in all, there are far better options out there than Daddyhunt when it comes to finding love online…so steer clear unless you enjoy wasting time and money!

  • A private photo album for users to store their pictures.
  • An advanced search feature that allows users to find potential matches based on their preferences.
  • A “Favorites” list that allows users to keep track of the profiles they are interested in.
  • A messaging system that allows users to communicate with each other.
  • A profile verification system that ensures all users are real people.

Mobile App

Ah, Daddyhunt! The dating site that caters to the older crowd. Well, I’m here to tell you whether or not they have a mobile app – and if so what it’s like.

The good news is yes, Daddyhunt does indeed have a mobile app for both Android and iOS users! It was released in 2018 as an extension of their website service with all the same features but made specifically for on-the-go usage. As far as advantages go, this makes things much easier when trying to find someone while out and about; no need to wait until you get home before swiping away your loneliness blues (or whatever else may be going on). Additionally there are some cool extra features such as voice messages which can help break through any awkwardness one might feel when messaging strangers online – plus who doesn’t love hearing those sexy voices? Unfortunately though it isn’t natively built into either operating system meaning downloading will take up more space than normal apps would usually require (so make sure your phone has enough storage!). Also due its age there are still plenty of bugs being worked out by developers so don’t expect everything work perfectly every time just yet – although from my experience most functions do seem stable enough now thankfully! Finally unfortunately unlike many other popular dating sites today Daddyhunt charges money for access rather than offering free use…but hey at least you know everyone using it means business right?

All in all then despite having had some teething issues since launch overall I’d say the app version of Daddyhunt gets two thumbs up from me; if nothing else it definitely beats waiting around at home hoping someone new pops onto your screen eventually…

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site, Daddyhunt is not the one. With its outdated design and lack of usability, it’s no wonder why this website has been left in the dust. From its clashing colors to hard-to-navigate menus, there are many issues that make this site far from user friendly.

The first thing I noticed was how busy and overwhelming the page looks with all of its different shades of purple and blue hues; they just don’t seem to go together at all! The navigation bar also seems like an afterthought as it’s tucked away on top right corner instead being placed prominently near the center or bottom where users would expect them to be located. Not only does this make finding what you need more difficult but makes me question if any thought went into designing their layout at all?

As for usability – well let’s just say things don’t get much better here either – even basic tasks such as creating your profile can feel cumbersome due to slow loading times which often result in error messages popping up out nowhere! And forget about trying advanced features like messaging other members without paying for a subscription because most options are locked behind paywalls so unless you’re willing fork over some cash then prepare yourself for disappointment. Unfortunately, even purchasing a paid membership won’t do much good since UI improvements aren’t included meaning nothing will change visually when navigating through pages!

All in all, Daddyhunt isn’t worth your time or money – save yourself both by avoiding this dud altogether!


When it comes to pricing, Daddyhunt is not the most wallet-friendly dating site. Sure, you can sign up for free and create a profile but if you want access to all of its features then be prepared to shell out some cash. A paid subscription will give you full access so that’s something worth considering – especially since the prices aren’t exactly competitive with other sites in this space.

The monthly membership fee isn’t too bad at $9.99 per month but when it comes time for renewal things get pricey fast; opting for an annual plan bumps your cost up significantly at $79 per year! That’s almost double what many competitors are charging which doesn’t make much sense from a consumer standpoint – unless of course money really isn’t an issue or they just don’t care about getting bang for their buck…which I highly doubt anyone does these days!

So overall, while Daddyhunt has plenty going on under the hood as far as features go (like video chat capabilities), unfortunately those who value their hard earned dollars may have second thoughts before signing up due to its less than desirable pricing structure compared with other online dating services available today

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Daddyhunt include Gaydar, Grindr, and Hornet. These sites are all popular for gay men looking to find a connection with someone special.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for gay men looking to meet a mature partner.
  • Best for older men seeking younger partners.
  • Best for those who want an inclusive and accepting dating environment.


1. What payment methods does Daddyhunt accept?

Daddyhunt only accepts credit cards, which is really inconvenient. They don’t accept any other payment methods like PayPal or Apple Pay, so you’re stuck with the one option if you want to use their service. It’s a real bummer that they don’t offer more options for payments.

2. How much does Daddyhunt subscription cost?

The subscription cost for Daddyhunt is outrageous! It’s way too expensive to be worth it. I wouldn’t recommend signing up with them if you’re looking for a good dating site.

3. Is Daddyhunt a scam?

No way! Daddyhunt is definitely not a scam. I’ve been using it for awhile now and have had nothing but positive experiences. It’s an awesome site with lots of great guys to meet, so don’t believe the rumors – give it a try yourself!

4. How can I contact Daddyhunt?

You can contact Daddyhunt by signing up for their dating site, which I don’t recommend. It’s a hassle to get through the sign-up process and you’re likely not going to find what you’re looking for there anyway. Save yourself some time and energy and look elsewhere.

Joshua Pompey

Joshua Pompey is an internationally recognized online dating expert and has been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times. He began his career as a professional writer after graduating from college with degrees in English Literature and Psychology. He first became interested in writing about relationships when he noticed that many of his friends were struggling to find meaningful connections through traditional means such as bars or clubs. After researching different methods for finding potential partners, Joshua discovered the world of online dating sites and apps which inspired him to become an authority on this subject matter. Since then, Joshua has written hundreds of reviews on various platforms ranging from mainstream websites like Match or eHarmony all the way up to niche-specific services like Christian Mingle or Farmers Only! His articles are often praised for their thoroughness; covering topics such as cost comparisons between competitors along with detailed breakdowns regarding features offered by each service provider – making it easier than ever before for people seeking love via digital mediums make informed decisions based upon accurate information provided by a trusted source they can rely upon time after time again! In addition to providing valuable advice within these reviews, Joshua also offers one-on-one coaching sessions designed specifically around creating successful profiles capable of attracting attention from high quality matches who share similar interests & values – allowing clients access into what would otherwise be unavailable without direct guidance & assistance given directly by someone experienced enough within this field (such as himself) so they may achieve maximum success rates while minimizing any unnecessary frustrations typically associated with trying out new technologies related towards building romantic relationships over internet sources today!

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